Alucinantes animacion con una touchscreen

A night of trance insanity just isn't the same without some screen somewhere projecting bizarre and nonsensical but thoroughly trippy visuals -- but what if you host your own basement raves and all you have is basic cable with C-SPAN? What you need is the faderTouch, a road case-based "visual performance" device created by VJ Fader that allows you to play virtual instruments by dragging fingers across the screen, instruments like one seemingly based on Pong and another that spawns and destroys pixels and notes using Conway's Game of Life (the cellular one, not the one with the spinny wheel and the peg families). It's a fun toy, but it seems somewhat... overengineered to us. A simple laptop with a touchscreen could manage the same thing without the finnicky rear-projection system, but then that wouldn't look quite so road worthy, right?

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